Friday, September 17, 2010

Imminence and Change

So what is the blog about. I guess before I can really sit on my laurels and wait a day or two to conjure up a good post I have to get into what this blog is actually about (besides the vagaries in my non-introduction). This blog is a response to all the things which are sparking up on the internet, things which outline the incredible imminence of disaster and the necessary changes we need to take to avert them. Now since the dawn of man, we have always been worried that tomorrow disaster will strike, and for the most part it's just someone spouting off apocalyptic nonsense. I'm no judge of apocalypse, but I can tell when something is imminent. But I'm not the only one, there are people out there doing incredible jobs, of finding out exactly what can happen, how it will happen, and when it will happen. You see the "Doomsday is near!" claims of millennia  past, is just mindless prophesy. But now we can make educated guesses that are better educated than any have ever been. Technology! (and here i must quickly digress) We have reached new tiers of human capability that 60 years ago... no scratch that, 20 years ago,  seemed completely impossible. And it's still on the rise. Technology is moving faster than we can even comprehend it.  But we are starting to catch up. And in doing so we are seeing that there is a wake of destruction thats left behind us. So now we badly want to do something. 

So again, why am I writing this blog?  What is the goal?  The goal here, is to change the world (quite the task, on blogspot no less).  We are currently very scattered, our goals as a species are vague and our cultural goals keep us divided. Our countries, our religions, our skin color, our political policies,  our socio economic position,  these classifications have all been placed as more important than the quality of being Human. These categories have created incredible divides amongst people,  divides so strong that we ignore the inhumanity of many situations because the people do not fall directly into our spheres of relevance. But because of the internet we can change the hierarchy of these spheres. We can place humanity at the top and everything else in descending order. There is no reason for war amongst human beings, if something comes and attacks us thats a whole different story. But we must focus ourselves as a people, only then we can figure the rest of the problems out. 

You see humanity is in it's youth, we're constantly finding new things. History won't repeat itself if we make sure of it.

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