Friday, September 17, 2010

This is not an introduction.

It's just the first post, goddamnit. Where is it stated that the first post on any blog must be a blindly fumbling  account of someone saying "oh hey Big World Out There, i'm such and such." What a silly practice. You are either speaking to an audience or you aren't. There is no mythical world who you can just dedicate your memo-head to and expect an audience of incredible proportions.  With that in mind who exactly am I talking to? Well I guess I am trying to talk to everyone.

I don't want an identity. Only the persona which I create online. And who am I? Well I am everyone. That's not true, I am an individual. But my idea is to represent everyone. It seems impossible, and indeed it probably is, but my goal is to exist as a collective of thought.  I am something and someone though. I'm an artist. An artist is an Ideasmith, and I have lots of ideas. This is where I will put my ideas. And for the record, my ideas, are your ideas.

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